PRESS FOR "TOP OF THE WORLD" (Released March 9, 2018)

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NEW FEATURE IN ROLLING STONE COUNTRY ON 6 STRING DRAG  - "6 String Drag's Kenny Roby on Alt-Country Band's Reunion, Working With Steve Earle - Hear the rejuvenated Carolina band's new song "Let's Fool Around 'Til the End of the World'"  - ROLLING STONE COUNTRY

"6 String Drag On Top Once Again ...a raw, raucous take away on alt-Americana, a sound hard to put your finger on but one that wraps comfortably around your ears while it rocks your ass off" - NO DEPRESSION 

  "The bottom line here is that Top of the World is more than a simple blast from the genre's past ... Their new record announced that 6 String Drag are a contemporary band, creating relevant music and evolving in interesting ways".  Kenny Roby is too skilled a writer to relegate to the insurgent country museums." - ROUTES & BRANCHES

 "6 String Drag makes compelling, exciting and genuinely interesting music that mashes up many influences from Rock, Country, Blues, Pop and Jazz to ... well... even Bubblegum!  At one turn they might sound a bit like Elvis Costello during his mid-80s King of America phase by way Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe's Rockpile.  But then they can turn on a dime in the midst of this fine, twangy, jangly, gritty and rocking music, morphing into full-on psychedelia, as if Lynyrd Skynrd was joined on stage by Radiohead for a soaring Pink Floyd homage ("Top of the World," the beautiful title track of their new album).  - AUDIOPHILE REVIEW

PRESS FOR "ROOTS ROCK 'N' ROLL" (Released February 2015)

"Roots Rock 'N' Roll" glides from strength to strength without a hint of 6SD's nearly 20-year hiatus as they access influences predating their longstanding Beatles/Stones obsession. Roby and Keller still harmonize with the kind of Vulcan vocal meld that is typically the realm of siblings, and the band's chemistry should be patented by DuPont. You don't need to have known 6 String Drag back in the day to know that "Roots Rock 'N' Roll" is great music now. - Country Standard Time

"Those who remember 6 String Drag...will be thrilled with this terrific, unexpected return. But even the many who never got to experience the band in their prime the first time around will enjoy this wonderfully exuberant and spirited release..." - American Songwriter Magazine

"Roots Rock ‘N’ Roll is a brilliant, poised comeback that updates the essential Drag sound and in so doing, starts 2015 off right. Good, good stuff. Welcome back, boys."
- Ink19

"Goddam right, they’re back, (6 String Drag) who on "Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll" not only sound like they walked out one door then immediately back in the other but also manage to update their riotously infectious vibe...This resulting new set lives up to its title in every sense of the word—it’s rootsy as hell, and it’ll rock your ass off. My suggestion? Roll with it!" - BLURT Magazine

"It sounds real, it sounds fun, it sounds good. Get a copy and I’ll meet you at the drive-in." - No Depression

"After roughly 17 to 18 years, the alt-country pride of Raleigh, N.C., returns with 11 songs that allow the band to bow to influences — from Bakersfield to early Beatles, from Johnny Cash to Elvis Costello — with wry charm and crisp tunefulness." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

"Tight. Crisp, horned-rimmed glasses kinda rock ‘n roll. And every note is glorious. It ranges from Buddy Holly-esque anthems, to slick film noir crooners, to sad sad blues all done up with that early rock ‘n’ roll vibe. Even those shoe-gazing hipsters will be tapping their toes when they hear 6 String Drag’s latest effort. Somewhere in heaven Roy Orbison is smilin’ and sayin’, 'yeah man, good music doesn’t have an expiration date.'" - Americana Music Show
"Led by frontman Kenny Roby, 6 String Drag merges the band’s early punk roots with no-frills southern honky tonk in a show that is sure to see your southern pride surge. Roby’s story telling excels, too, making the band’s songs resonate long after the amplifiers have gone quiet." - Charlotte Viewpoint